One Margarita Original Video Viral

Discover the sensation sweeping the music world in “One Margarita Original Video Viral” exclusively on This article delves into the viral success of “One Margarita,” That Chick Angel’s hit single that’s resonating across social media platforms. From the creative process behind the song to Cindy Crawford’s stunning appearance in the original video, we uncover the magic that’s captured millions. Join in exploring the phenomenon that’s not only a chart-topping hit but a cultural statement. Don’t miss “One Margarita Original Video Viral” – a melodic blend of talent, creativity, and allure.

One Margarita Original Video Viral
One Margarita Original Video Viral

I. Introducing the artist That Chick Angel and the song One Margarita

In the bustling and ever-changing landscape of the music industry, few songs manage to catch fire and become global sensations overnight. However, “One Margarita,” a unique and captivating track, has done just that. This introduction takes a closer look at the song and its original video, offering a glimpse into how it became a viral sensation.

The name behind “One Margarita” is That Chick Angel, whose real name is Angel Laketa Moore. A multi-talented artist and entertainer, Moore’s journey into the limelight is as intriguing as her music. But what was it that turned “One Margarita” into a viral success?

The answer lies not only in the catchy beat and alluring lyrics but also in the original video that brought them to life. Crafted with creativity and innovation, the video not only showcases Moore’s artistic flair but also features the iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford, adding an extra layer of glamor and allure.

“One Margarita” didn’t merely become popular; it exploded onto social media platforms, particularly TikTok, becoming a part of a larger cultural conversation. The song’s inception began with a freestyle inspired by a viral video on the dangers of alcohol. It was transformed into a complete song when musical talents Casa Di, also known as Carl Dixon and Steve Terrell, crafted a beat to go along with Moore’s original lyrics.

From there, the track took off like wildfire. Within days of its release, “One Margarita” was being streamed millions of times, creating a buzz that drew both fans and critics. Artists like Lizzo and Janelle Monae were seen grooving to it, and it was used in over 60,000 videos on TikTok alone.

What made “One Margarita” so contagious was not just its melody or rhythm but the essence of fun that it embodied. It was a song that made people smile, dance, and forget their troubles, even if just for a moment. It transcended traditional boundaries, appealing to different age groups and musical tastes.

The story of “One Margarita” and That Chick Angel is a testament to the power of creativity, timing, and the right collaboration. It’s a story that underscores the unpredictable nature of the music world, where a simple idea can turn into a phenomenon that resonates with millions.

Introducing the artist That Chick Angel and the song One Margarita
Introducing the artist That Chick Angel and the song One Margarita

II. Watch One Margarita Original Video Viral

III. Songwriting process and inspiration

The inception of “One Margarita” is a fascinating story of creative spontaneity and collaboration. Like many artistic creations, it started with a spark of inspiration, but the journey from that initial spark to a viral hit was a unique one.

The genesis of the song traces back to late May when That Chick Angel, aka Angel Laketa Moore, was on her podcast covering a viral video. The video featured Sister Cindy, an internet-famous minister, preaching about the dangers of alcohol and abstinence. Instead of merely discussing the video, Moore felt an irresistible urge to turn it into something more. As she later recalled, the words in the video felt like the inspiration for a rap song.

Without overthinking it, Moore did a freestyle right before starting the show. Even at that moment, she knew that the freestyle had potential and that someone would want to put a beat underneath it. After cutting it out of the episode and posting it on her social media, the reaction was immediate and overwhelming.

Enter Casa Di, the musical duo consisting of Carl Dixon and Steve Terrell, who saw the potential in Moore’s raw and energetic freestyle. They reached out to Moore and composed a beat that perfectly complemented her words, transforming the freestyle into a full-fledged song. What had begun as an impromptu riff on a viral video suddenly took shape as an original track with a life of its own.

The collaboration with Casa Di was more than just a meeting of musical minds. It was a synergy of creativity, a partnership that took a simple idea and elevated it to something extraordinary. The combination of Moore’s powerful lyrics and Casa Di’s musical ingenuity resulted in a song that resonated with listeners on a profound level.

“One Margarita” was no longer just a freestyle or an idea; it became a celebration of creativity and a testament to the power of collaboration. The catchy beat, combined with the raunchy and fun lyrics, made it a hit even before it was officially released.

The birth of “One Margarita” is a story of artistry, intuition, and partnership. It reminds us that great music often comes from unexpected places and that a moment of inspiration, coupled with the right collaboration, can lead to something truly magical. It’s a story that continues to inspire as “One Margarita” dances its way into the hearts and playlists of music lovers around the world.

Songwriting process and inspiration
Songwriting process and inspiration

IV. Original Video and Cindy Crawford Participation

The production of the original video for “One Margarita” was an essential step in solidifying the song’s success, but it was the involvement of supermodel Cindy Crawford that elevated the project to a whole new level of recognition.

The collaboration with Crawford was nothing short of a coup, and it added an unprecedented touch of elegance and beauty to the video. But how did this iconic figure become a part of a viral rap song’s video?

The answer lies in the unique relationship between the song’s label, Giant Music, and Casamigos, a tequila brand co-founded by Cindy Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber, along with George Clooney and Mike Meldman.

Once “One Margarita” began to gain traction, the label saw an opportunity to create a visually stunning music video that could mirror the song’s success. The relationship with Casamigos opened the door to approach Cindy Crawford, who not only loved the song but saw potential in being a part of this musical phenomenon.

The decision wasn’t made lightly, and Crawford even consulted her children, who enthusiastically encouraged her to participate. Her appearance in the video wasn’t just a celebrity endorsement; it was a well-thought-out collaboration that added a layer of sophistication and star power.

Crawford’s presence on the set was surreal for Moore, who marveled at the reality of having one of the premier definitions of elegance and beauty in her music video. The synergy between Crawford’s elegance and the song’s bold energy created a visual experience that resonated with fans and newcomers alike.

The role of Casamigos in this collaboration can’t be understated. The connection with the tequila brand not only facilitated the involvement of Crawford but also added a thematic coherence to the song, which features alcohol as a central element. It was a synergy of art, celebrity, and branding that culminated in a video that’s both visually captivating and thematically aligned with the song’s content.

The original video for “One Margarita” is more than just a visual representation of the song; it’s a creative masterpiece that brought together unexpected elements to create something unforgettable. The participation of Cindy Crawford, facilitated by the partnership with Casamigos, turned a viral hit into a cultural landmark.

In an industry where collaborations and celebrity endorsements are common, the story behind “One Margarita’s” original video stands out as a testament to innovative thinking, strategic partnerships, and the magic that happens when the right elements come together. It’s a story that continues to resonate as the song and video keep winning hearts and charts around the globe.

Original Video and Cindy Crawford Participation
Original Video and Cindy Crawford Participation

V. Phenomenon On TikTok and Other Artists

The success of “One Margarita” didn’t stop at the catchy beats or even the star-studded music video. The song quickly became a viral sensation on TikTok, the platform known for launching trends and propelling songs to mainstream fame.

With over 60,000 videos on TikTok using the sound, “One Margarita” soon found itself at the heart of a cultural phenomenon. Users across the platform embraced the song, creating their interpretations, dances, and comedic sketches to its beat. What had started as a random freestyle on a podcast became a defining sound of a summer.

But TikTok wasn’t the only place where “One Margarita” found admirers. Some of the biggest names in the music industry also fell in love with the track. The moment that really solidified the song’s status as a mega-hit was when superstar Lizzo was caught “shaking her sexy tail to the song.” Her endorsement, coupled with the natural alignment between her own musical style and “One Margarita’s” energetic beat, made it clear that the song had transcended viral status and entered the realm of mainstream success.

Equally incredible for Moore was seeing Janelle Monae groove to the track. Having admired Monae on stage at Essence, Moore was mind-blown to see her enjoying something she and her collaborators had put together. The recognition by such esteemed artists wasn’t just an honor; it was an affirmation of the song’s genuine appeal and artistry.

The appeal of “One Margarita” isn’t confined to a specific age group or genre. Its universal charm lies in its ability to resonate with different people, whether it’s teenagers on TikTok or world-renowned artists like Lizzo and Monae. Its unapologetic celebration of fun and individuality strikes a chord with listeners from all walks of life.

The phenomenon of “One Margarita” on TikTok and its embrace by other famous artists speaks to the power of authenticity in music. It’s a reminder that genuine creativity, even when born from the most unexpected sources, can find its way into the hearts and feeds of millions. The song’s journey from a podcast freestyle to TikTok sensation, and then to a track celebrated by some of the industry’s brightest stars, is a testament to the endless possibilities of music and the universal language it speaks.

“One Margarita” isn’t just a song; it’s a cultural moment. Its presence on TikTok and its embrace by other artists have solidified its place in contemporary music history. It’s a story of unexpected success, broad appeal, and the reminder that sometimes, the most unforgettable tunes come from the most unanticipated places.

VI. Public Response and Criticism

The success of “One Margarita” is far more than a fleeting viral sensation; it has laid the groundwork for That Chick Angel’s blossoming career in the entertainment industry. But Angel Laketa Moore, the creative force behind That Chick Angel, is not one to rest on her laurels. With a clear vision, a dynamic personality, and a hunger for growth, Moore is planning her next moves, not just in music but in business and personal development as well.

1. Making a Bigger Splash in Music
“One Margarita” has proven That Chick Angel’s potential as a music artist, but she has bigger aspirations. Her goal is to create more hits, delve into new musical genres, and solidify her presence in the music industry. Collaborations with other artists, exploring different musical styles, and possibly even a full album are potential next steps in her musical journey.

2. Venturing into Business
But Moore is not just an artist; she’s a businesswoman. She recognizes that her success in music opens doors to other opportunities, and she’s keen to leverage her fame to build a brand that transcends entertainment. Whether it’s launching a clothing line, investing in creative startups, or endorsing products that align with her image, That Chick Angel’s business pursuits are as diverse and dynamic as her artistic ones.

3. Empowering Others
That Chick Angel’s unapologetic authenticity has resonated with fans, and she’s aware of the influence she wields. One of her objectives is to use her platform to empower others, especially young women, to be confident and embrace their individuality. Whether through motivational talks, charitable activities, or mentoring, she aims to make a positive impact beyond music.

4. Enriching Family Life
Above all, Moore’s ambitions are deeply rooted in her love for her family. She speaks passionately about wanting to provide better opportunities and experiences for her children and husband. Traveling to new places, investing in education, and enjoying shared experiences are more than just personal goals; they’re her driving force.The wild success of “One Margarita” is only the beginning for That Chick Angel. With a clear understanding of her strengths and the opportunities that lie ahead, she’s poised to become a multi-faceted figure in entertainment and business.

Her future is not confined to chart-topping hits or viral videos. It encompasses a broader vision of success that includes entrepreneurship, social impact, and personal growth.

That Chick Angel’s next goals are a reflection of a woman who sees no boundaries in what she can achieve. She’s an artist, a businesswoman, a role model, and a family woman, all rolled into one dynamic persona.

The world has seen her talent in “One Margarita.” Now, it awaits what That Chick Angel will conquer next. Her story is a testament to the power of creativity, ambition, and resilience. The future is bright, and it promises to be as vibrant and unpredictable as the artist herself.

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